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About HomeTutorsNetwork

Home Tutors Network enables the connection between prospective Students  and Tutors. Home Tutors Network will provide the Tutor with a listing(s) on the Site, and an interaction platform that enables Tutors to establish contact with Students through the Site.

Student Billing and Tutor Payment

Tutors will be solely responsible for any revenue negotiation, terms, payment method and collection from Students from HTN.

Costs to Tutor

At a minimum, the Tutor must have a standard listing on the Site in order to participate in the Service. The listing will include areas, known as sections, that the tutor is capable of teaching. There is no charge for a standard listing.

Tutor Profile

HTN  allows the Tutor to create a tutor profile on the Site to promote and market the Tutor's services to Students. Tutor agrees that HTN, in its sole discretion, is entitled but not obligated to make edits to the Tutor's profile without the Tutor's permission including, without limitation, spelling, grammatical and typographical corrections.

Promotion of Tutor

The Tutor gives HTN  permission to use or reference the Tutor's name and/or service on the Site and on any Web site of any participant in the HTN  Affiliate Service ("Affiliate") for the purpose of promoting the Tutor to both Students and Affiliates. HTN  requires prior review and approval for any promotion, contest, mailing, with the use of  HTN  name and or website in any circumstance.